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Welcome to URConnect India

How can we help you? Our advisory services and consultancy are designed to help you improve your business’s international competitiveness, at various stages of development. Explore them through the site categories below.

Our Knowledge and Expertise

Learn about our targeted services that help your business boost productivity. These services are effective for Businesses, Human Resources and/or any Target Market.

Business Diagnostics

Discover our services designed to connect you with opportunities in overseas markets, and provide assistance for your business to operate internationally.

Explore Indian Markets

Find detailed market research and resources for doing business in key Asia Pacific market i.e, INDIA, with special focus on market intelligence & research.

Improve Customer Focus

Access customer-oriented advisory and consultancy to help your business expand, gain new skills and enter new markets.

Website Analytics

Read about how we target the online community so that the complete 360 degree market is covered and your company grows their businesses and explore new markets, and start generating more business from India and around the world.


Find more information on our completed assignments, clients, read reports & Findings, references to other essential government resources to help you get ready to do Business in India, and/or to help you start a new business.

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